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OakGate Technology to Demonstrate at 2013 Flash Memory Summit

OakGate Technology, the leader in test, validation and benchmarking platforms for storage, will demonstrate the industry’s first comprehensive test platform for PCIe solid state storage at the 2013 Flash Memory Summit. OakGate’s PCIe platform supports all emerging interfaces designed to access solid state storage over PCIe, including NVM Express (NVMe) and Advance Host Controller Interface (AHCI).

“The industry is rapidly adopting PCIe based solid state storage,” said Bob Weisickle, founder and CEO, OakGate Technology. “There are multiple interface options emerging in the market for enterprise and client applications. Some, like NVMe, are architected from the ground up to capitalize on the performance potential of Non-Volatile Memory. The most widely used interface for client storage, SATA, is also getting a new life with PCIe connectivity through AHCI and SATA Express. Tied to these new opportunities are new challenges in terms of product development and testing” added Weisickle. “OakGate technology is proud to offer PCIe solutions that provide a comprehensive platform for extensive robustness testing, protocol conformance and performance benchmarking.”

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OakGate Technology to Demonstrate at 2012 Flash Memory Summit

OakGate Technology, the leader in test, validation and benchmarking platforms for storage products, will demonstrate the industry’s most versatile and powerful platforms at the 2012 Flash Memory Summit. Three different demonstration set-ups will feature OakGate’s systems along with products from the industry’s leading storage suppliers. 

The demonstration will include OakGate’s popular SAS/SATA system connected to multiple SSDs and running performance benchmarks. Another demonstration will feature OakGate’s new Gen 3 PCIe platform exercising multiple PCIe flash cards from leading suppliers. A third demonstration will show multiple Virtual Machines (VMs) running on an OakGate platform.

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OakGate Technology Enhances SSD Test and Validation Platforms with New IO Throttling Feature

OakGate Technology, the leader in test and validation platforms for storage and servers, announced the addition of IO Throttling capabilities to its test and validation platforms. Available immediately on all OakGate products, this feature provides the ability to measure performance that users are likely to experience in real environments.

“IO Throttling was developed based on a strong demand from many of our key customers. With more and more suppliers entering the SSD market, it has become important for users to determine the true performance of these drives under specific applications and workloads,” said Bob Weisickle, founder and CEO, OakGate Technology. “Our team took on the challenge and delivered this powerful feature in record time, further enhancing capabilities of our industry-leading test and validation platforms.”

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