Storage Verification Framework

OakGate Storage Verification Framework (SVF) incorporates an advanced architecture that delivers one of the industry's highest performance test platforms. With this inherent performance advantage, OakGate test appliances deliver consistent benchmarking results, measure the true performance of the device under test and generate a full suite of performance analytics. The combination of OakGate's custom drivers and industry standard linux drivers provides a powerful set of tools to analyze the performance of the target device as well as the entire Hardware and Software IO path.

Performance Benchmarks

OakGate Technology's powerful, easy to use Automation and Charting capabilities allow the user to quickly create performance test suites that can run on a single target or multiple targets simultaneously.

Industry Standard Suites

OakGate Technology continually works with leading industry benchmarking organizations to provide compliant benchmarking suites. Our built-in SNIA SSS-PTS benchmarking suite is a perfect example of this. All parameter controls are provided so that users can tune the tests to their specific requirements.

Deep Analytics

In addition to providing popular performance measurement metrics such as Average IOPS, Bandwidth and Latency, the OakGate test appliance allows the user to analyze each data point in more detail. Examples include full IO latency histograms and measurement-vs-time detail. Through the IO Capping feature, OakGate also provides the ability to control the initiator IO rate (IOPS), so that performance can be evaluated under applications that operate at those IO rates.

Power vs. Performance

OakGate test appliances incorporate power measurement and control technology. Using this capability, the user can not only perform power cycling operation, but also measure power consumed by individual devices under test. By measuring power consumption under various IO workloads, the user can create a power profile for the device. As shown in the graphs, power consumption can be tracked as the load increases or how the power changes once steady state has been reached for high Write workloads.