Storage Verification Framework

OakGate's integrated power management solutions are critical to overall product validation and device characterization. Our solutions include industry-leading multi-vendor support for power management hardware including IP Power, Quarch, Magma, Cheetah, and Tanysis.

Power Cycling

Power cycling during testing provides an ultimate level of stress for a device to prove its robustness under power fail conditions. Ensure that your device recovers gracefully from multiple consecutive power fail conditions, with data intact as expected.

Independent Device Control

Control power to each PCIe slot or SAS/SATA device

Take fine-grained control by power cycling each device independently instead of an entire chassis.

Interactive or Automated

Interactively toggle power at any time by using the power management user interface. Or, for automated power cycling testing, set the power cycling behavior in the IO Exerciser and let the software automatically power the device on and off at the specified time intervals.

PCIe Hot Swap

Save time by hot swapping PCIe devices

In addition to power cycling during testing, OakGate's power management solutions provide the ability to hot swap PCIe devices between tests, thus removing the need for powering cycling an entire host chassis each time a PCIe card needs to be replaced. This can be a tremendous time saver for users that need to test multiple cards without having a dedicated chassis for each.

Power Measurement

Our power measurement capabilities allow our customers to verify that their devices can meet the strictest power consumption requirements, even under heavy load. Measuring power during testing can also help identify anomolies in behavior, such as power spikes under certain conditions, so that they can be root caused and addressed before release.

Live Power Measurement

Watch live graphs for power, current, and voltage while manipulating traffic. Immediately see how different traffic workloads can affect power consumption over time. Measure power at any time interactively, or enable the automatic timer at the desired interval and watch.

Automated Power Measurement

While the IO Exerciser is running, power measurements are automatically collected for all luns that have the supporting power measurement hardware. Power data is aggreagated along with other data points including IOPS, MB/s, and latency. Ultimately, all data can be charted and included in automatically generated reports.