OakGate provides turnkey Test, Validation & Benchmarking Systems with the industry’s most comprehensive set of features and capabilities. Designed expressly for the emerging storage technologies and architectures, OakGate systems are optimized for SSDs and solid state storage.

OakGate systems support all popular IO interfaces and protocols including PCI Express, SAS, SATA and Fibre Channel. Based on industry standard Linux hardware and OakGate’s advanced, proprietary software, these systems are available in Desktop and Rack-mount form factors.

In addition to Test, Validation & Benchmarking Systems, OakGate also offers Integrated Platforms incorporating smart enclosures that provide per device power control and measurement capabilities. These products are designed to accommodate a large number of devices and help optimize lab space and power.


SAS/SATA Test, Validation & Benchmarking Systems

OakGate’s SAS/SATA systems have been field proven over the past several years in customer labs worldwide and have earned a reputation for versatility, high performance and consistency of results. These systems support 12G and 6G SAS as well as 6G and 3G SATA.

PCI Express Test, Validation & Benchmarking Systems

OakGate’s PCIe systems have become the appliance of choice for all major suppliers of emerging solid state storage products. Designed to work with a broad range of drivers including NVMe, SATA Express/AHCI, SCSI Express/SOP as well as customer’s own block level storage driver; OakGate’s PCIe systems leverage the company’s proven software architecture that is common across all OakGate platforms.

Fibre Channel Test, Validation & Benchmarking Systems

OakGate’s engineering team has been involved the development of Fibre Channel since its early days and pioneered key products and technologies. This in-depth expertise has allowed OakGate to offer industry-leading products that leverage the company’s proven software architecture that is common across all OakGate products.

Power Control & Measurement Solutions

Built upon OakGate’s proven, industry leading Test, Validation & Benchmarking platform, the Integrated family of products incorporate power control and measurement capabilities along with space-efficient enclosures. Designed especially for lab environments, these Integrated systems can support a large number of DUTs (Device Under Test) while significantly reducing the demand for lab space and power.