OakGate Test, Validation & Benchmarking Systems offer the industry’s most comprehensive set of features and capabilities and are designed expressly for the emerging flash based storage, including Solid State Drives (SSDs). These systems support all popular storage interfaces and are available in Desktop and Rack-mount versions. Based on industry standard Linux server platform and OakGate’s proprietary software, these systems are available as turnkey, ready-to-use appliances.

OakGate’s PCIe Desktop system is designed to work with the customer’s existing block level storage driver or drivers based on industry standard protocols such as NVMe and AHCI. OakGate’s PCIe Systems leverage the company’s proven, second generation software architecture that is common across all OakGate products.

  • Supports PCIe Gen 1, 2 and 3
  • High performance, highly flexible traffic generation
    • Provides maximum control of workloads
    • Fixed and random IO sizes
    • Small to large Q-Depths
  • Performance benchmarking and characterization
    • Average IOPS, Bandwidth, Latency
    • Performance versus Time
    • Entropy Data Patterns
  • Error injection capabilities
    • Extensive error injection capabilities
    • Can be run concurrent with IO traffic at heavy load levels
  • Built-in protocol Analyzer
    • Traffic/Error Presentation
    • Real-time Traffic
    • Real-time Error statistics
  • Customer programming via robust API
    • C/C++ SDK
    • Rich OakGate Function Library
  • Test automation
    • Large test suites
    • Product validation suites
    • Full SNIA Benchmarks
    • SPC-style workloads
    • Fully customizable for creation of customer specific benchmarks
  • Summary report generation
    • Complete HTML reports
    • Histograms
    • Error logs
    • Pass/Fail report
  • Automated power cycling with data validation
    • Applicable to externally connected devices
  • “Canned” test sequences, including JEDEC Endurance
  • Industry Standard NVMe Driver
    • Complete control of Queues (Submission/Completion/Mgmt)
    • Register peek/poke
    • Multiple Processor Core support
    • Performance Characterization
  • Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) Driver
    • Hot plug and Native Command Queuing support
  • OakGate Driver
    • Architected for Direct Hardware Access, Performance measured at the PCIe Interface
    • Complete control of IO Frame/Contents
    • Error Injection
  • Customer’s Driver
    • Full Performance characterization thru Block IO/SCSI Generic Linux Interfaces
    • Ability to interface to custom IOCTL calls
    • Full Traffic Generation and Data Validation
  • SCSI Express/SOP Driver (First Release)
  • PCIe Desktop System
    • Single Socket i3 dual core Processor, 16GB System Memory
  • Optional External PCIe Enclosures with Power Management Capability
    • 7-Slot PCIe Gen 3 Enclosure: 4U, Half width rack-mount enclosure with seven PCIe Gen 3 slots designed to support power management
    • 32-Slot PCIe Gen 3 Enclosure: 4U Rack-mount with four canisters, each with eight PCIe Gen 3 slots designed to support power management
    • 16-Slot PCIe Gen 2 Enclosure: 4U Rack-mount enclosure with sixteen PCIe Gen 2 slots designed to support power management

In addition to products listed here, OakGate Technology provides customized solutions. Please contact us for your specific requirements.

OakGate also offers Test & Validation services. We provide resources with deep storage expertise to augment your own engineering team and accelerate time to market. We will be happy to discuss your specific needs.

OakGate PCIe Desktop System Model Number
PCIe Desktop System with 16GB System Memory OGT-SVF2-0500-16
Optional Adders Model Number
7-Slot PCIe Gen 3 Enclosure with Power Management Capability OGT-ENC-4607
32-Slot PCIe Gen 3 Enclosure with Power Management Capability OGT-ENC-4632
16-Slot PCIe Gen 2 Enclosure with Power Management Capability OGT-ENC-4516