Storage Verification Framework

The OakGate Storage Verification Framework (SVF) provides a fully customizable conformance test harness. The purpose of a conformance test, or directed test (DT), is to determine with bit-level accuracy if a target device is functioning as expected. This includes everything from the examination of data from a simple Inquiry command, to a recovery evaluation from a complex set of malformed I/Os coupled with power and reset manipulation. Conformance tests can also be used for monitoring/analysis of telling parameters such as smart data and wear indicators.

Conformance Test Suites Save time and take advantage of our existing test suites

OakGate SVF software suite is preloaded with hundreds of pre-written tests for all popular protocols including PCIe/NVMe, SAS, SATA, AHCI and Fibre Channel. The included conformance suites ensure that each command is not only compliant with the respective protocol, but also executes as intended. The user can test functional areas not covered by these "canned" conformance suites by taking advantage of OakGate's flexible test harness, which allows users to create their own custom directed tests.

Customizable Test Harness Create your own directed tests using our test harness

OakGate's flexible and powerful test harness features a rich C/C++ programming framework for authoring customizable test patterns and I/O sequences. There is no practical limitation on the type, content or size of the initiator command directed to the target, including full support of the command structure and data at the bit-level. Full TMF sequence control is also available. The existing API library provides all standard commands and options and is easily extensible by the customer.

Customer SDK

Take complete control with our software development kit

For vendor specific and customer unique tests, OakGate supplies a directed test software development kit (dtsdk). The dtsdk is a directory structure complete with "Make Files" and leverage-able examples for quick and easy implementation of custom conformance tests. Command parameters, command data, and “Widget Parameters” are all completely customizable to meet the test goals. Conformance tests are written in “C” using the full functionality of the language for structures, data files, loops, data manipulation and fail or pass determination algorithms. Documentation is provided as well as the source code to many of the general OakGate conformance tests.

Customizable Widgets

Give the user control with customizable widgets

To help reduce test development effort, commands can be easily modified at run-time through the use of configurable GUI "widgets." Widgets are presented to the user and allow certain parameters to be configured at run-time rather than being hard-coded in a test.

Detailed Logging

Get the whole picture with detailed test logs

High-level test results are displayed in the GUI for each executed test cycle, and comprehensive HTML test logs are available as well when needed. Detailed test result logs can be viewed manually, or retrieved and saved automatically via the CLI or API for later viewing.