OakGate Technology Enhances SSD Test and Validation Platforms with New IO Throttling Feature

IO Throttling Enables Users to Measure Realistic Performance with the Creation of Application Specific Workloads and IO Rates

Loomis, Calif., Oct. 10, 2011 — OakGate Technology, the leader in test and validation platforms for storage and servers, announced the addition of IO Throttling capabilities to its test and validation platforms. Available immediately on all OakGate products, this feature provides the ability to measure performance that users are likely to experience in real environments.

“IO Throttling was developed based on a strong demand from many of our key customers. With more and more suppliers entering the SSD market, it has become important for users to determine the true performance of these drives under specific applications and workloads,” said Bob Weisickle, founder and CEO, OakGate Technology. “Our team took on the challenge and delivered this powerful feature in record time, further enhancing capabilities of our industry-leading test and validation platforms.”

With the IO Throttling capability, users can create application specific workloads by capping the IO at user defined values. Latency is then measured for a given IO Rate value or set of values. For every specified workload IO, the system generates statistics and histograms, and also creates performance graphs for IO Rate versus Latency and IO Rate versus Queue Depth. In addition, threshold can be set for maximum latency, and specific IO can be captured and analyzed.

“Storage system designers count on SSDs to provide fast, consistent response times under demanding, time critical workloads. Traditional HDD benchmarking tools are designed to measure IOPS under a full queue IO workload model. OakGate Technology's IO Throttling is the leading benchmarking tool designed to measure latency using an IO workload model of real storage applications,” said Marc Acosta, storage technologist in the office of the CTO, STEC, Inc. “Using the IO Throttling feature, designers can determine how SSDs can be used to reduce latency as well as improve performance in their storage applications. As a leading global provider of a comprehensive line of enterprise SSDs, we are currently using OakGate's IO Throttling capability to demonstrate how our SSDs provide fast response times over a wide range of storage workloads.”

About OakGate Technology

OakGate Technology is a leading provider of system validation platforms and interoperability tools to the storage and server industries. The company is a recognized leader in test and validation of Solid State Disks (SSDs). OakGate provides fully configured systems based on its proprietary software and industry standard hardware. The company’s products provide a highly capable, flexible platform for development test, system validation, protocol conformance and performance benchmarking and have been adopted by top tier components suppliers, drive manufacturers and storage system OEMs. Based in Loomis, California, OakGate Technology was founded in 2008 by industry veterans from storage and server industries.