At the 2016 Flash Memory Summit, OakGate Technology showcases breakthrough innovations that redefine the way flash storage is tested, validated and benchmarked.

We are very excited to share live demonstrations of our products, incorporating breakthrough innovation, with visitors to the OakGate Technology booth #815 at this year’s Flash Memory Summit, August 9-11. Over the years, our customers have seen a steady stream of cutting-edge products from OakGate and this year is no exception.

  • Check out OakGate’s M-Series, the industry’s first multi-protocol modules for test appliances. With built-in power-cycling and power-management capabilities, the M-Series modules support up to four 2.5 inch NVMe, SAS and SATA SSDs for full-functionality testing within OakGate test appliances. Together, OakGate M-Series modules and appliances provide the industry’s only in-chassis test platform that can accommodate all popular protocols and form factors. Customers can order M-Series modules now.
  • Don’t miss Enduro – the most advanced storage test application, ever. Designed for tomorrow’s flash storage and SSDs, Enduro incorporates a highly modular, flexible and scalable software architecture. It delivers a comprehensive set of features to completely test the robustness and versatility of your storage devices. It is built on a solid foundation of OakGate’s highly respected SVF Engine. Slated for release later this year, you will get an early glimpse of Enduro at OakGate’s booth.
  • There are several emerging technologies such as NVMe fabric on our radar or in development. Who knows, you might see these in action at the OakGate’s booth #815!

We look forward to seeing you at Flash Memory Summit!!

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