Rackmount Appliance

The R-Series 3U Rackmount Appliance (OGT-R300) is a robust, versatile test system designed to support all popular storage interfaces and protocols, such as PCIe, SAS, and SATA. As the name implies, the 3U Rackmount Appliance fits in a standard 19-inch rack enclosure at a 3U height.

The 3U Rackmount Appliance is designed to meet the demands for high-density scaling with its six internal backplane PCIe slots (three x16 and three x8). These slots can be used to connect to a variety of external enclosures, such as the OakGate 12-bay U.2 enclosure . They can also be used for "in-appliance" testing," such as testing NVMe add-in cards or connecting to the optional OakGate 4-bay U.2 plug-in modules to test 2.5inch U.2 SSDs.

The 3U Rackmount Appliance is powered by the OakGate Storage Validation Framework Pro (SVF Pro) engine, the industry’s most advanced storage-testing software. The robust SVF Pro software, now in its fourth generation, offers a comprehensive set of testing features and capabilities.3U Rackmount Appliance

  R-Series Rackmount Appliance Product Brochure

3U Rackmount Appliance Features & Specifications

  • Intel Xeon dual-socket, eight-core processor, 3.20 GHz
  • 64GB DDR4 ECC system memory
  • Six PCIe Gen3 expansion slots:
    • Three x16 slots
    • Three x8 slots
  • Provides support for up to two 4-bay U.2 plug-in modules
  • Ability to run unique tests on each SSD individually and concurrently
  • Supported protocols include: NVMe, NVMe-MI (standard and basic), SAS, and SATA
  • Powered by SVF Pro with the state-of-the-art Enduro controller application

  • Individual power cycling and power measurement under software control:
    • Configurable to support 3.3V, 5V, and 12V
    • Ability to turn power on/off to each port/device
    • Ability to measure voltage and current for each port/device (at a sample rate of approximately one read/second)
    • Ability to measure power under various low power states (at a sample rate of approximately one read/second)
  • Dimensions: ~ 19" W × 26" L x 5.5” H
  • One-year hardware/software support

Popular 3U Rackmount Appliance Configurations

The rackmount appliances can be configured in numerous ways depending on your requirements for the DUT type (protocol and form factor), number of DUTs to test, power measurement and control, and so on. To make configuration concepts easier, the following table shows some common examples of configurations with the rackmount appliances and additional OakGate products (add-ons and enclosures), if applicable.

PCIe Edge Cards6 In-Chassis-None
6 In-ChassisYesPCIe Power Interposer Cards
2.5" NVMe SSDs Using a U.2 Connector4 In-Chassis-(with third party PCIe backplane adapter)
4 or 8 In-Chassis*YesOne or Two 4-Bay U.2 Plug-In Modules*
12 ExternalYes12-Bay NVMe U.2 Enclosure
2.5" SAS/SATA SSDs Using a U.2 Connector4 External-SAS/SATA HBA + third party SAS/SATA fan-out cable
4 or 8 In-ChassisYesOne or Two 4-Bay Multi-Protocol U.2 Plug-In Module
12 ExternalYes12-Bay SAS/SATA U.2 Enclosure

* The following figure shows a 3U rackmount appliance with two 4-bay U.2 plug-in modules. Each module can test up to four U.2/SFF-8639 SSDs.

Dual-Port NVMe Module in 3U Rackmount Appliance

3U Rackmount Appliance Ordering Information

The following table lists the available rackmount appliances, as well as their compatible modules, add-ons, and enclosure products.

3U Rackmount ApplianceOGT-R300
4-Bay Single-Port NVMe U.2 Plug-In ModuleOGT-MU401
4-Bay Dual-Port NVMe U.2 Plug-In ModuleOGT‑MU402
4-Bay Multi-protocol U.2 Plug-In ModuleOGT-MU403
12G SAS / 6G SATA HBA with Eight PortsOGT-AH101
NVME x16 Host CardOGT-AH106
8GB ECC System Memory (for OGT-R300 only)OGT-AM-108
12-Bay Single-Port NVMe U.2 EnclosureOGT-EU12P-01
12-Bay NVMe U.2 Enclosures (single or dual-port NVMe)OGT‑EU12P-02
12-Bay SAS/SATA U.2 EnclosureOGT-EU12S-12
12-Bay Multi-Protocol, Single-Port NVMe U.2 EnclosureOGT-EU12M-01
12-Bay Multi-Protocol, Dual-Port NVMe U.2 EnclosureOGT-EU12M-02

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