White Papers

Qualifying SSDs for the Data Center White Paper

Qualifying SSDs for the Data Center: Current and Future Trends

February 2019

This white paper addresses the need and issues of transitioning to SSDs in the data center, as well as the current and future trends of qualifying SSDs in the data center.

  • Benefits of Using SSDs for the Data Center
  • Issues when Transitioning to SSDs in the Data Center
  • Questions to Address when Qualifying SSDs
  • Current Trends:
    • Choosing the Right Test and Validation Tools
    • Testing and Validating Various SSDs Before They Are Purchased
    • Testing and Validating SSDs Before They Are Deployed to Production
  • Future Trends:
    • Workload Replay
    • Workload Analytics

File System / Block Exerciser

File System / Block Exerciser

A scalable and easy-to-deploy storage performance, validation, analysis, and workload-modeling environment

July 26, 2017

This white paper describes the features of OakGate’s file system / block exerciser and how customers can quickly and easily run pre-packaged storage workloads and view immediate results. Our exerciser helps customers avoid:

  • Being burdened with developing complex scripts or analyzing megabytes of cryptic results generated by free data validation tools.
  • Needing to create and maintain their own in-house validation tool, using valuable time, money, and engineering resources that could be more effectively applied for their company’s core product development.


Atomicity Definition and OakGate Implementation (as applied to testing of SSDs)

July 8, 2013

This white paper defines atomicity as it pertains to testing of flash based storage devices, such as SSDs, and examines various scenarios and expected device behaviour under each scenario.