OakGate DE200

#1 Test Solution for Solid State Storage

OakGate Test Platform

The OakGate Test Platform represents the ultimate test solution stack in the storage industry. It provides a complete solution from software to hardware to test a variety of devices under test (DUTs), including PCIe edge cards, NVMe SSDs, and SAS/SATA SSDs:

  • Applications: Enduro and Greenlight are customized, easy-to-use, user-interface applications that bring unprecedented control and efficiency to any development, validation, and manufacturing test plan.
  • SVF Pro: the Storage Validation Framework (SVF) Pro is the core, proprietary test and validation software which runs the applications and drives the OakGate appliance.
  • Hardware Products: high-performance desktop and rackmont appliances, plug-in modules, external enclosures, add-ons (power interposers and host cards), and Epic testers provide numerous platform configurations for testing a variety of DUTs.

Platform Block Diagram

Supports All Popular Storage Protocols

Support for the storage industry's most popular and emerging protocols is integrated right into our platform, with no restrictions on usage or need to buy extra licenses for each protocol.

Coordinating and automating simultaneous multi-protocol test scenarios within a single, unified test platform decreases the complexity of your test infrastructure, while providing the fine-grain orchestration to meet every corner of your test plan.

  • PCIe - Gen1, Gen2, and Gen3
    • NVMe
    • NVMe-MI
    • AHCI
    • SATA Express
    • SCSI Express / SOP
  • SAS - 3, 6, and 12 Gbps
  • SATA - 3 and 6 Gbps
  • FC - 4, 8, and 16 Gbps
  • iSCSI - 10, 40, and 100 Gbps

Scales Seamlessly

OakGate's feature-rich software and hardware products scale seamlessly together, giving you a common platform on which to build reliably and smoothly, whether you are testing a single device at your desk for development or a thousand in a production facility.

Scalability and Flexibility

Spans DUT Lifecycle

Span DUT Lifecycle

With the diversity of our extensive software features and hardware products, the OakGate Test Platform provides a comprehensive testing platform for the DUT's entire lifecycle, from the early stages of design and development, all the way through high-volume production, as well as including post-production field failure analysis.

Built from Vast Expertise

OakGate was founded by seasoned industry veterans with a proven track record in developing key storage and server technologies. Over time, we've worked hand-in-hand with storage industry titans and newcomers alike to craft a platform that meets their stringent needs and excels in our overall mission of contributing to high-quality storage products.

Proven by Top-Tier Storage Companies

OakGate’s customers include top-tier components suppliers, major flash controller chip suppliers, solid state drive and flash card manufacturers, hard disk drive vendors, storage system OEMs, and data center end-users. Here are just a few of our customers...